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Filmstrip Projectors and Viewers

Everyone remembers also remembers filmstrips, well if you're over the age of thirty, anyway. Filmstrips were basically slides strung together in a strip like a 16mm film. They were shown like a set of slides, one still image at a time, and were usually accompanied by some sort of audio with beeps to tell you when to advance the film. Naturally, they were replaced by slides which offered the additional advantage of being customizeable. This means a filmstrip kept the same images in the same order forever. Slides allowed you to borrow one picture, or rearrange a set for your own educational purposes.
Filmstrip Projector
Your Basic Filmstrip Projector
Filmstrip Projector
Filmstrip Projector With Built-in Audiocassette for Sound
Filmstrip Projector
Filmstrip Projector With Built-in LP Record Player for Audio
Filmstrip Adaptor
Adaptor to Allow Use of a Filmstrip With a Slide Projector

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