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Bald Pride Organizations

Bald-Headed Men of America (BHMA)

102 Bald Drive
Morehead City, North Carolina
John T. Capps III, Founder
Phone: 919/726-1855
Fax: 919/726-6061
Founded: 1974
Members: 20,000
Membership Dues: $10 (annual)
Staff: 3
Range: Multinational

Awards: Type: recognition.
Bald-headed men who agree with the philosophy "Bald is beautiful." Dedicated to the belief that bald-headed men (whether chrome-dome, balding pate, or bald spot) have extra individual character. Strives to cultivate a sense of pride for all bald-headed men and to eliminate the loss of self-esteem associated with loss of hair. Promotes National Rub a Bald Head Week. Founder give speeches and makes television appearances proclaiming "the fun of being bald." Maintains speakers' bureau and charitable programs; compiles statistics. Operates hall of fame.

Publications: Chrome Dome, periodic (newsletter). Covers conventions and other activities for bald-headed men.
Price: Included in membership dues.
Circulation: 20,000
Advertising: Not accepted.

Annual Bald Power for the Future
Convention and support group meeting
Always 2nd weekend in September, Morehead City, NC.
Periodic competition.

Bald Pride Slogans

Baldness 'Pep' Talks

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