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This first song is the heart and soul of the Bald Headed Men web site. Couldn't have done it without her. My thanks to Christine Lavin for this song.

Bald Headed Men

Words & Music by Christine Lavin
(c) 1993 CL2 (ASCAP)


Recorded on PHILO CD PH 1150:

"Buy Me Bring Me Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair ..."
Life Accordin' to Four Bitchin' Babes, Volume 2

Rounder Records Corp,
One Camp Street,
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140
I don't like men who exaggerate
about the places they've been
about the money they make
I like a man who's honest and true
who can look you in the eye
when they talk to you
I like men who accept who they are
not everybody can look like a movie star
if you can follow this thought 
to its logical end
you can see why I like bald headed men
    (she said it before
    she'll say it again)
I like bald headed men

Everybody knows it's testosterone
that turns a bushy haired man
into a chrome-dome
but testosterone
is what makes a man a man
the more that he's got
the more that he can
do the things that make the women go
I'll take a bald headed man 
over a big-haired boy
big-haired boys make very good friends
but they cannot compare
to bald headed men
    (she said it before
    she'll say it again)
I like bald headed men

    Why would you waste your money
    joining that hair club for guys?
    	(tell me why
    	tell me why?)
    why would you cover
    your manly badge of honor
    with such a bad disguise?
    	(guys, guys, guys)
    why would you blow your money
    on rogaine and minoxidil?
    when all it can guarantee
    is years and years of pharmacy bills
    (please don't do it)
        Yes, we believe the hair replacement industry
        for men is like the cosmetic industry for women
        a giant black hole that will suck your money away
        for the rest of your lives
    (please don't do it)
No matter how you fight it
time marches on
some new things appear
some old things are gone
let 'em go it's a natural thing
like a leaf off a tree
like a bird on a wing
try looking in your mirror
from a whole different place
you're not losing hair
you're gaining face
be confident be cool
it won't be long when
you find you are proud
to be one of the bald headed men
    (she said it before
    she'll say it again)
I love bald headed men

	Johnny Yakovitch
		love him
	that guy on Star Trek: The Next Generation
		love him
	Michael Jordan
	Tom Paxton
		love him
	Alan Brady
		love him
	Burt Reynolds
		love him
	Yul Brynner
		loved him
	Telly Savalas
		who loves ya, baby?

[fade out]

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