image of performer neil marcus nude climbing onto his wheelchair, in a dark theatre


Disability and Erotics


Photos: Lisa Steichmann

The Nude

by Neil Marcus


Nude we are
As sunbeams
As light
As moonlight
In darkness

There is a slow burn in the nude
A passion
An expression
That only a nude can tell
An opening into another dimension

soft flesh, hard muscle, gentle hair, speaks quantities
Needs no explanation
Or justification
Just is
Can only be
What we cannot say with words

We are cripples
We are exquisite creations
Is there a shame to resolve ?
Freaks of nature or Precious Beings of another kind of second sight
Look again
Think twice

I wish to speak the unspeakable
The hidden
The secrets I have hidden
Insatiable DESIRE
Longing intimacy
Fierce intimacy
Ravenous touch
Total exposure

I wish to expose My Gender. My Sex. My Love. My Passion
These words are not just hollow affirmation
I dare speak clearly  only in silence

They are my form
My disability
Naked to the world

Spasm to the world.


image of performer petra kuppers nude on a beach with her arms wrapped around her
images of two performers in shadow play

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performer Jim Ferris with his eyes closed, in dark theatre

performer aimee meredith cox, standing upright, her arms stretched downwards, in dark theatre