Vampyra - A Multimedia Show

Vampyra was a lot less serious than Frankenstein, with less money, less time, but definitely no less enthusiasm. It was shown in a night club, complete with disco mirror-balls and lightshow. A good time was had by all.

Vampyra had a basic numbers structure, very much like a cabaret show. Old-fashioned waltz and Italian songs stood side by side with video-clips of Hammer Horror films (the various vampire death scenes) and Twin Peaks, Gulliver's Travels and avant-garde films. In one scene, a woman is wrapped in cling-film, and earth heaped onto her (no stakes are produced, though). Elsewhere, a hard-boiled detective woman tells her story: a mysterious client retained her to hunt for a missing daughter on a faraway planet, the planet of Vampyra, a place of seduction and mystery. Women eat bananas, a couple in evening gown and frock dance the tango, and a soprano sings off-stage.

In this place, gender roles are reversed and played with. Lowbrow culture meets highbrow opera, and an on-stage video camera transmitted this spectacle into the universe.

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