Coastal Mappings

NZ 2005

videographer: Nancy Higgins


(maori flute)
there is a heart under the water (NOTE: this refers to a legend surrounding a lake on New Zealand's South Island, where a giant slain by a Maori warrior was burned until only his beating heart remained under the waters)
(sea sounds)
the canoe landed on the beach
the foodbaskets fell out and became the moaraki bolders (NOTE: Moraki is a beach on the South Island, not far from Dunedin. Large round stone bolders emerge from the water there, and in local legends, these are baskets that fell out of the canoes of arriving Maori)
and then later it reemerged as eggs
leaving the two hills slanting down to the water
take your time to smell the roses
the tears of the goddess becaem the glaciers on the mountains (NOTE: this refers to a Maori legends about an Aotearoa mountain)
the giants heart is still beating
taniwha (NOTE: a taniwha is a Maori waterdemon, or guardian of a specific river or lake)
the taniwha's claw appears
the taniwha's sanctuary
after radiotherapy, the ring is still unbroken
brokeness isn't the end of everything

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