Body Spaces

Contact Theatre

October 2000

In the Contact Theatre, the installation took over the dance floor - overlapping screens with videosprojections created an intimate environment in the busy space. A sofa invited people to sit and play, a pathway led to significant features in the space, and stories and poems written on colourful paper, echoing the Contact colours, portrayed alternative visions of the space.

The Red and Blue Lights of Contact

(poem by Peter Keeley, residency participant)

The red light is the nagging voice

In my head that says stop and no

Contact is the voice of voiceless men

The blue is the hope of getting Contact

With the dead world outside

The black door of darkness

Make Contact with Contact

The red light of the blood that flows

From the hell that is this life

The blue is the Contact of lover

In the morning sky

Make Contact with life find hope in Contact


Blue is the way you feel

When your love has left you alone

Red is the hate you feel when your father

Walks out for a better life without you

Red as a rose that you give to a lover

That's the Red and Blue of Contact

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So let the light take you into the world

That you would wish to live in

And feel the lights of life

They are there to guide you

Through the map that is your life

So make Contact with life and

Be what YOU want to Be