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MRI Installation

Great way of displaying very imaginative work

Lovely moving images. Great Stories and unusual and good atmosphere. Hope to see more

Inventive and inspirational!


Contact Car Park

Lovely images - great idea having a screen outside - very poetic and evocative piece

Very nice use of interactive pads, wanted to hop around and make loads of new sounds. Great film footage.

Great use of film to create vision and emotion. Coming from a person who makes short films himself, it was visually inspiring and interesting. Great acting and wonderful to be using the 'marginalised' part of society which are hardly used in film. Wonderful.

Fantastic expressions!

Fun being in control. Beautiful visuals.

A really atmospheric piece it made me feel upset to start with and then sort of very alone. A sensitive piece well done.


Contact Theatre Foyer

Mixing traces and dreams to a haunting effect.

There is a lot of sensibility floating around this installation. When I read the texts and watch the images, the whole of the work makes more sense. The main sensation that it makes me feel is happiness in a way. At the same time it touches me deep inside triggering all sorts of good sensations that are inside me. The music is very relaxing and goes very well with the images. Beautifully produced. Very effective as well.

Intense, thought provoking images conjuring up mixed feelings of loneliness and struggle mixed with the poetry of a genius - Peter Keeley. Leaving oneself both confused and somehow relieved at the same time. Shivering stuff.

Absolutely amazing! Especially liked the image of the wheelchair spinning on the floor - and the enthusiasm of all the participants - well done all!

Back for my 2nd visit! The installation is very different when inside the building - you lose the effect of watching the screens through the rain, but the piece feels warmer and more intimate. Excellent stuff.

The images are very effective. The idea of using interactive software utilizing pressure switches enabled everyone to take part.


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