y:Üen:v:es:ýXi Aaôf em:eS:g:n:

Participles: Translation exercise.

Translate into Hindi using participles whenever appropriate.

        I was standing in the park with (my) hands stuck ( Ral: ) in (my) pockets. I ( m:ØJ:ð ) had already been two (or) three hours wandering (through) the whole bazaar in search ( t:l:aS: m:ðø ) of a book written by a professor of mine. How old and tired my professor looked ( l:g: ) and still his books didn't sell.
        I saw her (as she was) getting down from a moving bus. She was wearing a beautiful ( Q:Üb:s:Ürt: ) red dress. I watched ( dðK:t:a rh ) her cross the street with ( el:y:ð hØO ) a silk ( rðS:m: ) umbrella and sweater knit from ( ka ) wool in (her) hand. Going toward the river, she stopped by a bridge made of stone.

        Suddenly someone screamed ( ec:ll:a ) and she began to run toward a man drowning in the water. Catching his hand, she pulled ( K:iøc: l:a ) him out of the water. Then she saw that he was holding on to a large floating piece ( XØk_a ) of wood. And then I saw that the man's smiling face was my old, tired professor's!

        When I left, the two of them, sitting among the flowers, were talking and basking in the sun ( D:Üp: s:ðk ).

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Keyed in by  ev:v:ðk Ag:rv:al: 1-2 May 2002. Posted and proofread 7 May 2002.