y:Üen:v:es:ýXi Aaôf em:eS:g:n:

Qv:aj:a m:ir ddü '

^:z:l:  in  -Aa^:

                                            Ap:n:ð t:oas for myself t:að hr G:_iinstant ^:m:sorrow; pain (of
 separation),  Al:m:sorrow,  da^:scars (on the heart) hò.
                         y:ad krðyou should
 think of us hm:ðø kB:i
kb: y:h t:ØJ:ð edm:a^:brain; here: awarenessWhen does that ever occur to you?

                   (to be continued)

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Keyed in and posted 17 Mar 2003. Glossed 17-1? Mar 2003.