Department of Asian Languages and Cultures

ASIAN 226 - Other Hearts and Other Minds: Poetries of Asia
    TTh 2:30-4 pm     3527 Frieze Building  
    Peter E. Hook,   763-9178 (office)
    Office: 3084 Frieze     Wednesdays 12:30 to 1:30 pm or by appt

ASIAN 226 introduces students to traditions of poetic theory and practice in times and places distant from their own: the poetries of India, Arabia, Persia, China, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, and Vietnam. A primary objective of the course is to explore a range of different conceptions of what poetry is, how it regulates consciousness, how it informs (or transforms) the ways in which people interpret their lives, and what relation it has to other parts of social life. This cross-cultural exploration will also help the student to have a more informed and articulate conception of the poetry he or she has grown up with. An equally important objective of the course is to assist students in developing techniques and habits of clear, concise, and well-organized writing. At least once during the course each student will give a quarter hour biographical or historical introduction to a poet or set of poets. The instructor and visiting faculty provide historical context and discuss poetry and poets in more abstract terms. A number of shorter written assignments build on the interplay of specific poet or poem and the general questions explored by the seminar. (Reasoned translation or transcreation is an option for some assignments.) There are two hour exams and (for Honors students) one longer paper.


  Evaluation:  Essays, etc. (best 5 out of 7):   25%    
  Oral presentation:   10%
  Write-up of presentation:     5%
  Hour exams:   25% each  
  Participation and attendance:   10%

Provisional schedule of course activities.

Last updated on 5 Jan 2004.