y:Üen:v:es:ýXi Aaôf ev:ej:üen:y:a

Translation exercise on using reduplicated participles to express limits and results.

            Translate into Hindi. Use V-t:ð V-t:ð  (or V-O V-O ) wherever possible.

 1. I fell down while I was (in the midst of) running ( B:ag:- ).
 2. By the time it became evening ( S:am:, f.) a crowd had gathered ( j:m:a hað- ).
 3. By the time a crowd ( B:i_, f.) gathered it had become evening.
 4. What are you looking at standing (around) there like that ( y:Üú ) ?
 5. There almost was an accident ( dØG:üXn:a, f.).
 6. He laughed while listening to what I was saying ( m:ðri b:at: ).
 7. She drowned  ( RÜb: j:a- )  right before (our) eyes.
 8. Be patient!  ( s:b:r krað ! )  It takes time for water to boil ( ub:l:-).


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Drafted and posted 25-6 & 29 Aug 2002.