ASIAN 226: "The Poetries of Asia"

Write-up of oral presentation

The write-up can be based on the hand-out that you used in your oral 
presentation.  However, the write-up should be a connected text (rather 
than a list of headings or talking points) and it should include the 
following things:

1. Biographical information on the poet you presented in class. This 
should include something about time, place, and (where relevant) the 
social, religious, or philosophical background of the poet. 

2. The write-up should include at least one poem (not too long a 
poem) ascribed to the poet that you presented.  The poem(s) you choose may 
be one(s) that you presented and discussed in class. Normally, the poem(s) 
should be in English translation. Please indicate the name of the 
translator and the source of the translation. You may include the text in 
the original language, if you like, and, if you cannot find a satisfactory 
translation and know the original language, you may provide a translation 
of your own.

3. You discussion should include possible interpretations or ways of
reading the poem(s).

4. Please include a list of references at the end of your write-up. 
The list should include at least one imprint (= book or journal article).


Depending on the poet you selected there may be more biographical 
information than you need. Do not let the biographical information 
dominate the write-up.  I am more interested in seeing your interpretation 
of the poetry than in reading a detailed biography of the poet. It is also 
possible that what is related by biographers may not be verifiable from 
the historical record. If that is the case please indicate your awareness 
of it.

The write-up should be 3 or 4 (not more than 4) pages if coming from one 
person; 5 or 6 (not more than 6) pages if two of you work together. (NB: 
If you want a "divorce", please consult with me first.) 

The write-up is due by the end of the day, Tuesday, 27 April.  You may 
leave it in my mailbox in Room 3070 Frieze Bldg. (Office hours: 8 am until 
4:30 pm.)

Remember you are not required to do more than five of the numbered 
assignments. You are free to do all six plus any alternate assignments.  
(I will take the five best when calculating the course grade.)

You must do the write-up, which counts for 15% of the course grade.

Remember the second hour exam will be in Room 3527 on the 28th of April
(Wednesday) at 4 pm. 

Last updated 21 April 2004.