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I am currently teaching Calculus 1 (Math 115). The course webpage is here. Your grades are available on Canvas. My office hours are Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 and Thursdays 2-3 in my office. You can also try to find me in the MathLab on Mondays 2-3; if you can snag me right at 2 when I arrive, you won't have the fight off the hoards of precalc students who will otherwise be trying to monopolize my attention. If you can't make it to my normal office hours, but want to discuss something, email me with some other times that would work for you.

Previously at Rutgers University, I taught Calculus 2 (Math 152), Abstract Algebra (Math 351), and Set Theory (Math 361). Before that I was at UIUC, where I taught Ideas in Geometry (Math 119) and Finite Mathematics (Math 124).