Office Hours

Tue (4/26) 1-3:30pm (Zoom); Wed (4/27) 2:00-3:30pm (Zoom).

In-person hours are in my office; online are on Zoom (room listed on syllabus). Please email me if you are in the Zoom waiting room.

Courses at American University

Current students should use blackboard to obtain the most recent syllabi.

Labor Economics (Econ 373) [Syllabus]

Applied Econometrics (Econ 322) [Syllabus]

Graduate Labor Economics (Econ 673) [Syllabus]

Principles of Microeconomics (Econ 200)

Previously Taught Courses

Advanced Econometrics (PhD level, at the University of Western Ontario) [Syllabus]

Applied Econometrics (at the University of Western Ontario)