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Paul Ullrich, Ph.D.



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SRB 2133


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Postdoctoral Scholar / Adjunct Lecturer


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Research Interests
2012 Summer School and Model Intercomparison Workshop:
Future-Generation Weather and Climate Models

We (Christiane Jablonowski, Peter Lauritzen, Paul Ullrich, Mark Taylor, Ram Nair) are organizing a summer school and model intercomparison workshop with special focus on non-hydrostatic global models which are under development right now. We are inviting students and the international dynamical core modeling community to join us at the National Center for Atmospheric Resaearch (NCAR, Boulder, CO) for 2 weeks from July/30-August/10/2012 for an exciting student-focused and research-driven event that will lead to an unprecedented dynamical core intercomparison project, even broader in scale than our 2008 workshop. The event is endorsed by the WMO Working Group on Numerical Experimentation (WGNE). The summer school and model intercomparison workshop will be supported by newly developed cyberinfrastucture tools like shared workspaces that we develop in collaboration with NOAA and NCAR under an NSF grant.

We suggest exploring new test techniques for non-hydrostatic models that are also applicable at hydrostatic scales. Examples are our newly developed tropical cyclone test case of intermediate complexity that not only assesses the dynamical core but also includes a 'simple physics' package. It lets us investigate non-linear interactions and the physics-dynamics coupling. Other test cases might include 'small Earth' experiments that give insight into non-hydrostatic motions at low computational cost. Please contact Christiane Jablonowski if you would like to get more information.

Latest update: June 28th, 2012