Ford SEI short course - Paul Kominsky

Summer 2005 - Syllabus

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Free lab time
(6:45 on)

Lectures: 220 Chrysler
Labs: Basement Pierpont, or 3rd floor Media Union

Office Hours

Wednesdays 6:45-8:00 in the 3rd floor Media Union, and after lectures.
I'm in Pierpont B519 most days after noon if you want to drop by.
Email ahead of time to set up a specific appointment.

You can also send email to: paulko "at" - Please include '101' in your subject line.

Codes from Lecture or Discussion

Sample html page

Decimal to binary converters: bin.cpp - bin2.cpp - bin3.cpp

Filling a vector: sin.cpp - sinf.cpp

Iterating a trajectory: traj.cpp

Multiplication table: multtable.cpp - multprint.cpp - multfor.cpp

Variations on Life: life.cpp - lifefor.cpp - life4.cpp

Quiz1 (PDF) - quiz.answers - score distribution (PDF)

Winter '05 exam: Answers - hob.cpp - hob1.cpp - hob2.cpp

Sum of series: seriesQuiz.cpp - seriesTol.cpp - seriesSine.cpp

quiz2.answers - quiz2p4.cpp - quiz2p5.cpp


"If you tell a lie often enough people will believe it." (Orwell.) If this story is true, for 20%-41% of the population "often enough" is once. It must be true, it's on the internet, right?

President Bush says that Intelligent Design should be taught alongside evolution. Also, the Kansas Board of Education made a decision.

Two large Kuiper Belt Objects discovered recently. 2003 UB313 and 2003 EL61.

Here's an article about two guys who invented an alternate form of air conditioning for use in cars. It uses about 50% less energy than Freon-based air conditioners, and would save about 4 billion gallons of fuel a year if every car in the US had one. This started as a high school science project.

An article from CNN on computer science education.
"Technology executives have told Congress they are increasingly relying on employees from overseas and clamoring for more U.S. graduates with stronger science skills."
"The fastest growing jobs through 2012 include data communications analysts, health information technicians and computer software engineers, according to the Labor Department."
Here's a recent amusing article that illustrates why software should have some error checking. Check out the stock chart for that day.


Assignment 1: Intro to Linux/editors/html/c++

Assignment 2: Making change

Assignment 3: Conway's game of life. Program specs. Wikipedia reference

Assignment 4: Blackjack simulation. See here for some results to compare with.

References and Handouts

A summary of basic C++ syntax

When Bielejew teaches Eng101, he provides this pdf file for the textbook. Free!

A nice page on binary math

A Matlab text written for Eng101.
Numerical Computing with Matlab - Link to PDF of an advanced Matlab Textbook by Cleve Moler on the Mathworks site.