Hello! Welcome to my homepage. My name is Nathan Patel, I was born in Ann Arbor in 1991. I spent my early years backpacking and skiing in the California Sierra Mtns and most of my school years in ACE DEUCE. I graduated from Pioneer High School in 2009, University of Michigan with a concentration in computer science in 2013, and I am currently a medical student at the University of Michigan set to graduate in 2018.


My passion is the outdoors. I rock and ice climb climb, mountaineer, mountain and road bike, whitewater kayak, raft, backpack, and live. Being outside in nature is my life's passion and wish to share this treasure with the world.

What's Up

Currently I am a medical student at the University of Michigan. GO BLUE! I am set to graduate in Winter 2018 by which point I will be OLD! I am interested in the combination of medicine and computer science, specifically machine learning algorithms and their application to clinical practice, possibly computer vision but also statistical analysis .

Public Policy of Healthcare
December 9th 2011 for UC 210

     The delivery of healthcare in the United States of America is in disarray from competing interests to deny care instead of providing long term care for those in need. The link below is an essay that I have compiled from research into the delivery of healthcare at home and abroad and offer a solution to mend the inefficiencies and lack of access to healthcare for all Americans.

Public Policy of Stem Cell Research
March 15th 2011 for PUBPOL 481

     Stem cell research is an important and promising field of life science research. The possibilities of the research stands to revolutionize the way physicians handle some of the most debilitating disease like neuro-trauma and degeneration as well as tissue regeneration. Stem cell research has drawn much criticism in the current political climate from the partisan view on the ethical/moral implications of the procurement of stem cells. The link below is a policy memo written to Dr. Francis Collins, detailing why stem cell research should be legalized.

Cyberinfrastructure for Research
April 6th 2011 for PUBPOL 481

     Cyberinfrastructure is quickly changing the methods with which scientific research is being conducted. Computers are ubiquitous in our society and the future will be how to connect these computers. The link below is a research paper on how scientific research is impacted by cyberinfrastrucutre and the future of computers in science.