Join the Pascual Lab

The U-M EEB department has an exciting and challenging graduate program, with many areas of strength including in particular theoretical ecology. See the web pages of other faculty here: Aaron King, Annette Ostling, Pej Rohani and John Vandermeer. We have a number of students and postdocs who work at the interface between these labs and meet regularly as the ‘Theory Group’. Also, the Center for the Study of Complex Systems (CSCS) provides another wonderful resource. The department provides guaranteed support for graduate students through a package that combines fellowships, GSRA (graduate student research assistantships supported by the advisor) and teaching assistantships.

I currently have financial support for GSRAs and for postdoctoral positions. For the postdoctoral positions, I am looking in particular for someone interested in malaria (from a variety of perspectives) with expertise in disease dynamics.

I am also interested in considering postdocs who have an interest in this field but whose quantitative backgrounds do not include disease dynamics but one or more of the following areas:

  • Evolution (population genetics, phylogenetics)
  • Climate science
  • Dynamical systems and stochastic processes.