Michael Skora: Computing Infrastructure Geek for Plant Operations Division at the University of Michigan. (See “What” below.)


System Administrator ( GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, .*BSD, VMware vSphere ( HA, DRS ), Windows .*, HP-UX, Solaris, .* ) Web Master ( Apache, IIS, Tomcat, WordPress, .* ) Firewall Administrator ( OpenBSD+CARP+pf+relayd, iptables, Cisco ASA, .* ) DBA ( Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL ) Programmer ( PHP, JavaScript, shell, Python, .* ) Graphic Designer Network Administrator ( Cisco, Juniper ) SAN Administrator ( HP, EMC, Brocade ) Web Accessibility and Usability Specialist Computer / Network Security Professional Project Manager, et cetera, yadda yadda, × concurrently


~ 13.798±0.037 billion years


Close enough to campus to commute by bicycle… even in the winter.


No one knows. If they say they do, they’re lying. See also: FSM


Current theory postulates a big bang and lots of particles, but still no answer to “Why”.

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bicycling on campus, year round, Photoshop clouds tutorial, Cursor graphics for Mouse Locator, IPv4 Calc in JavaScript, Inexpensive 10 GbE


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