The Global and Globalizing Dimensions of Mobile Communication: Developing or Developed?

International Communication Association 2008 Pre-Conference Program

Montreal, Le Centre Sheraton
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Wednesday, May 21     1:00PM-7:00PM


Opening Session                                                                    1:30PM-3:00 PM

Welcome and Registration

Keynote address: Dr. James E. Katz
Director, Center for Mobile Communication Studies, Rutgers University
Are universal mobile communication patterns developing?: Cultural construction versus cognitive exigencies


Break                                                                                      3:00PM-3:30PM

Paper Session 1                                                                      3:30PM-5:30PM

Telephony and the Developing World (1)

Kas Kalba
Kalba International/Yale University
The global adoption and diffusion of mobile phones: Nearing the halfway mark 

Hiyam Hijazi-Omari & Rivka Ribak
Department of Communications, University of Haifa
Global and local discourses of media resistance: The case of the mobile phone in Arab language websites

Dana Diminescu & Christian Licoppe
Department of Social Science, Ecole Nationale des Telecommunications
Mobile-based money transfer: Weaving together financial and migration fluxes

Katie Lever
Department of Communication, Western Connecticut State University
Mobile music technology, communication isolation and community building


Reception in Jarry                                                                  5:30PM-7:00PM


Thursday, May 22      8:15 AM-5:30 PM


Light Breakfast                                                                      8:15AM-8:30AM

Paper Session 2                                                                    8:30AM-10:00AM

Telephony and the Developing World (2)

Patricia Mechael
Center for Mobile Communication Studies, Rutgers University [paper: Mechael]
Mobile phones and the preservation of family well-being in Egypt

Araba Sey
Annenberg School for Communication, University of Southern California [paper: Sey]
Where did all the payphones go? Intermediaries, innovation and insecurity in the mobile phone industry

Satomi Sugiyama
Department of International Communications, Franklin College Switzerland
Mobile technologies in everyday life for the Arab students


Break                                                                                  10:00AM-10:30AM

Paper Session 3                                                                        10:30AM-Noon

Diverse Themes

A. Kavanaugh, M. Perez-Quinones, M. Evans & A. Puckett
Center for Human Computer Interaction, School of Education & Appalachian Studies Program, Virginia Tech
Scaffolding technologies for low literacy groups: From cell phone to PC in Appalachia

Dawna Ballard & Dina Inman Ramgolam
Department of Communication Studies, University of Texas [paper: Ballard & Ramgolam]
Communication, connection, and connectivity: Mobile communication and human temporality

Gwen Shaffer
Mass Media & Communication Program, Temple University
Peering into the future: The potential for peer-to-peer networking to help close the digital divide


Lunch in Drummond East                                                           Noon-1:00PM

Paper Session 4                                                                      1:00PM-3:00PM

Mobile Communication and the Social Sphere

Timo Saari
Department of Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media, Temple University
The uses of social media in public spaces

Scott Campbell
Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan [paper: Campbell]
Mobile communication and the public sphere: Linking patterns of use to civic and political engagement

Rich Ling
Telenor/Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan
The role of mobile communication in the maintenance of social networks


Break                                                                                      3:00PM-3:30PM

Paper Session 5                                                                      3:30PM-5:00PM

Telephony and the Developing World (3)

Jonathan Donner
Microsoft Corporation [paper: Donner]
A typology of mobile uses among small and informal businesses

Harsha de Silva, Ayesha Zainudeen & Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara
LIRNEAsia [paper: Silva, Zainudeen & Ratnadiwakara]
Perceived economic benefits of telecom access at the Bottom of the Pyramid in emerging Asia

Hana Cecelie Geirbo
Missed calls: Messaging for the masses


Wrap-Up                                                                                 5:00PM-5:30PM

Organized by: Dr. Scott Campbell, University of Michigan; Dr. Jan Fernback, Temple University; Dr. Rich Ling, Telenor Research