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Linguistics Ph.D. Student (Pre-Candidate)

University of Michigan



Zhongyuan yin yun "Corpus"

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The Zhongyuan yin yun 中原音韻 (circa 1324) is attributed to Zhou Deqing 周德清. Its intended purpose was to provide qu poetry writers with the intended pronunciations of Chinese characters. It is believed to represent an earlier form of the Mandarin dialects.

Draft I

This is the first draft of my Zhongyuan yin yun corpus, I still need to make many adjustments before it is usable. All the essential information (a modified form of Pulleyblank’s reconstruction for each syllable pronunciation and everything necessary about the characters) is already laid out. I am currently in the process of proofreading and making the corpus more usable.

My Modifications

I made some minor modifications to Pulleyblank’s reconstruction, primarily to facilitate input and searching. In the ZYYY and SC, stops only contrast in aspiration (not voiced vs. voiceless).
Left forms are Pullyblanks, Right forms are mine
p-b, p’-p, t-d, t’-t, k-g, k’-k ŋ-ng


For those characters which are not encoded in unicode, I have used a single symbol, such as a or $ to serve as a place holder. The key can be downloaded here.

Ex: A - (矛童)
a - (煙突)

Feel free to send me an e-mail (opper "at" umich.edu) to make suggestions!!


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Reprint of Zhongyuan yin yun
中原音韻. Circa 1324. Attributed to Zhou Deqing 周德清.
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Special thanks to Profs. Bill Baxter and San Duanmu for their suggestions