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Since the previous millennium :), I have been interested in Human Factors Engineering (sometimes called cognitive engineering).  My general interest in human factors began in the field rather than academia. While flying helicopters I became intrigued with human factors issues such as safety, workload, user interface and the design of cockpits. 
I decided to study the subject further at the University of Michigan, where I received my Masters at the Center for Ergonomics in the department of industrial and operations engineering.

My Ph.D research revolved around the use of in-vehicle systems while driving.  Underlying and complementing my empirical work is QN-MHP, a cognitive model that was used to simulate driver performance in such situations.  I completed the Ph.D. under the guidance of my committee co-chairs Yili Liu and Paul Green.

I am currently a research fellow at the Human Factors division at UMTRI
I teach an undergraduate level course about discrete event simulation.

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