Software and documentation by Spencer E. Olson

Check back later for more--I am trying to get all of my past software projects listed and downloadable. At least one of these require me to obtain permission from previous employers. For the others, I just need to have the time to put the downloadable packages here.

Date* Package Name Short Description Revision Documentation
2005-2009 Physical units and constants Package for physical units and constants. Implementations include support for gnuplot, Octave (matlab might work), c++, and python. r695
2008 VXI-11 for Python Communicate with VXI-11/LXI compatible instruments via this implementation of VXI-11 protocol in python. Rev 1
2006-2008 Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Labview/NI-DAQmx Program arbitrary waveforms on multiple analog and digital output boards simultaneously and synchronously. Rev 200 Info Manual
2004-2008 Laser Cooling and Trapping Package for simulating atoms under the influence of optical forces. For use with the DSMC Octree package. r224
Info API Docs
2006-2008 LightPipesC++/Octave A GPL'd LightPipes For C++ and Octave. r462
Info Manual API Docs
1998-2008 olson-tools Various numerical tools r590 API Docs ChangeLog
2005-2008 DSMC Octree JCP Paper accepted r591 API Docs ChangeLog
2006 Octave Toolkit Several octave tools I've written and found useful. Rev 1 Docs
2005-2008 userlimits A cute little package to limit users logon times. Expirable time can be given via a web interface. Rev 1 See included readme
2005-2006 OrderDB Group purchases database Rev 3
2004 NSR (Novell Secure Rendezvous) Network access tool (traverses NAT and firewalls) useful for support personnel Rev 7** (API) Docs**
2001 XUVMulti (A)periodic multilayer optical optimization using global (genetic algorithm) as well as local searches (simplex algorithm) Rev 0.2.0 Docs

Note that revision names of the form 'r224' are just the revision of my svn-repository. I use only one code repository because it allows me to date various packages together.

* Date I actively developed it last.
** Seeking authorization from Novell.

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