Bathroom Soundscape

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Bathroom Soundscape is an app for Android that plays ambient bath-related noises for those times when you're stuck in a restroom without a fan. It is exactly as classy as it sounds. Are there other bathroom fan apps out there? Yes. But do they have unlockable content? Hopefully not, because that's Soundscape's major claim to fame. Can you unlock all of the Mystery Sounds?


  • How many sounds are there?
  • You start with three delightful noises: fan, sink, and shower. The remaining six Mystery Sounds can be found through a mixture of will, cunning, and using the app a lot.

  • Do I get anything for unlocking them all?
  • The pride of a job well done.

  • Who made this thing?
  • David Renardy and Olivia Walch. Contact us at with glitches.