(4/97) EMILY WEAVER VERHOEVEN recently moved back to Fort Worth, TX with husband Patrick. She is a surgical dental assistant at Cooks childrens hospital and also working at a pediatric dental office.

(3/97) CHERYL VAUGHN will graduate in May 1997 with a degree in >Biology and Environmental Science. She is planning on going to nursing school and later getting my master's in nursing.

(2/97) CHIP YATES is now living in California. He was previously in the toy industry where he traveled to Hong Kong, China, and Macao to observe and supervise the mass production of toys. He is now working for an automotive company. In his spare time, his is building a Lamborghini Countach, writing childrens books and keeping in shape by long distance running.

(1/97) HYESON BANG is on temporary assignment in Scottsdale for the Mayo Clinic. She is currently the operations administrator for the community internal medicine division.

(1/97) DANA SHEHIGIAN DEIMEL married Jon Deimel on July 22, 1995. Dana will receive her Master's Degree in Speech Pathology this spring after an internship at William Beaumont Hospital in Detroit.

(1/97) JIM ALCOCK is stationed at Ft. Hood. He is currently a platoon leader training for NTC. He is an Airborne, Ranger and Bradley school graduate. Anyone in central Texas should pay him a visit!

(1/97) CUONG NGUYEN is now in LA doing his 4th year rotations at USC-LA County. He is graduating in May of this year and going to do his residency at USC while on his way to become a podiatrist... If anyone needs surgery on their foot or ankle send give him a call in a few years.

(1/97) IRFI QURESHI will be returning to the United States sometime this summer. His plans include pursuing an MBA. His daughter Aliya turned 7 months on the 27th.

(1/97) TOM JONES is working to finish his second degree in computers. He is currently working as a LAN administrator.

(1/97) GARRETT TRIPP is in his first year of the MBA program at the University of Texas.

(1/97) GAVIN BOWIE is working on a Master's degree in Architecture at the University of Maryland. Since graduating from Skidmore College, he has been working in Washington DC where he has a fledgling graphic design company. He spent the past summer travelling throughout Europe.

(1/97) JENN REED was married this summer at her parents' farm in Ohio to Robert O'Connell of Boston. They honeymooned in Tuscany where they had met four years ago. Chaplain Tom Steffen officiated the ceremony. Amanda Goff attended the ceremony.

(12/96) FLETCH GENSAMER has been working in the Direct Marketing / Advertising field since graduating from Babson College. He is currently an Account Executive at a small firm in New Jersey working on a variety of accounts including the Isle of Capri Casinos. He plans to enter graduate school sometime in the near future.

(12/96) KRIS BAUGHMAN is working full-time as a School Social Worker getting her master's in social work at Indiana University at South Bend. She expects to pursue social work research. She recently ran the "Zoy Runs," a 7 Mile Race up and down the Indiana Dunes.

(12/96) URSULA MUSSER is finishing up medical school at Northwestern and preparing to start a residency in OB/Gyn.

(12/96) MARIA GUTIERREZ is reportedly living in Mexico City.

(12/96) SHEILA HAMLIN was married this summer.

(12/96) AMY KERN was married this summer.

(12/96) DAPHNIE GAMBEL had twins in July - Timothy Michael and Troy James. She recently bought a house in Southgate, Michigan.

(12/96) ROGELIO LARRINAGA is now living in Chicago and working at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading Mexican pesos futures.

(12/96) GUILLERMO MONTANO is working for Procter & Gamble in Centeral America as a brand manager for the Health Care Category. He is playing polo during the season.

(12/96) ELLIOT ELROD is busy making plans for his February '97 wedding.

(12/96) ROBERTO FERNANDEZ is living in Ecuador and is in touch with several classmates. He graduated from Texas A&M in 1993.

(12/96) BRENT ELKINS moved from Washington D.C. to San Francisco after the Presidential Primary season. He is working as a political consultant.

(12/96) PIERRE DELMAS recently opened a recording studio in Trinidad after having received a degree in Audio Engineering Technology in Toronto in 1994. He is now a proud father of a five year old daughter.

(9/96) RAJ CHOPRA has returned to Northwestern University to pursue an MBA.

(6/96) IRFI QURESHI and his wife Juliette are proud new parents of a baby girl, Aliya. The family is planning to move to Jordan in September.

(5/96) CASSIE MILLER is now living in San Francisco where she is working for MCI and has recently ben promoted to Senior Product Manger for audio, data, and video conferencing services.

(5/96) TREVOR RIEDINGER is presently the V.P. Operations for Riedinger Hearing Resources, the business he began with his brother. The business provides hearing aids, assistive listening devices, corporate environmental sound engineering and hearing protection, and finally outsource hospital and doctors audiology departments.

(4/96) SONYA IANNONE has recently completed her first year of law school and will be spending the summer either in Italy or Mexico.

(4/96)AMANDA GOFF is alive and well at University of Pennsylvania's law school.

(4/96) CHARLES ELLERT has recently created his own multimedia company with a loosly banded partnership. His clients presently include Lincoln Electic and American Greetings. His company is focused toward manufacturing companies which have been starving for multimedia to use in training as well as sales.

(2/96) Over the last seveal years LARA BETHKE made movie that may be out on video and lived in South America, where she intended to become a professional mountaineer. She then taught English in Ecuador and is now working on a Masters of Fine Arts in fiction writing at Colorado State.

(2/96) BRENT ELKINS has been living in Washington DC for the past 2.5 years working for Majority Leader Dick Armey and for the Republican National Committee. He was also working as an analyst for a political consultant running Phil Gramm's presidential campaign among others. He is planning on moving to San Francisco in next few months to pursue a more lucrative career in the corporate world and possibly enter grad school.

(2/96) KRISTIE GANSCHOW will soon to be wed to husband Todd. She will be graduating in May from IUSB with a double major in business: management and administration and personnel and industrial relations and a minor in psychology. She is planning to go back for my masters in industrial psychology.

(2/96) NICOLE EYERMAN KNIGHT is now living in PA and has an 18 month old son named Evan.

(2/96) SIMONE (Stacey) RACLIN is now living in San Francisco.

(2/96) MICHELLE CASTRO worked last summer at the law firm of Minami, Lew & Tamaki in San Francisco. She is now in her final year of law school at U.C.L.A. and planning on taking the California Bar Exam. Extracurricular activities include acting as Managing Editor of the U.C.L.A. Pacific Basin Law Journal. Together with other Pilipino-American law students from the Los Angeles area she organized and is still active in running a legal clinic targeted toward poorer Pilipino-Americans in the Los Angeles area.

(2/96) SU PARKER is in her third year of medical school at I.U. and enjoying it a lot right now. The amount of knowledge that she had to assimilate this year has at times been overwhelming but she feels that finally her medical school experience has started to become real. This year is spent going through different clinical rotations and pretty soon she will be going through the matching process. She hopes to be matched in Florida, which is where her family lives

(2/96) LYSINA KOCK lives in Reston, Virginia (DC area). she graduated from George Mason University in 1993 (B.A. in International studies) and worked for the Intelligence Threat analysis Center in D.C. She got her Master's degree in the Fall of 1995 in International Business from George Mason University and is now working for a company called Information Management Consultants (IMC) in McLean Virginia (her biggest client is the IRS). She is not married and still visits Saudi Arabia.

(1/96) CUONG NGUYEN is attending medical school in San Francisco.

(1/96) SCOTT HINSHAW is not in Palo Alto, California after graduating from Santa Clara University.

(1/96) HOLLY ANDERSON wed Dirk Stahl in September in Illinois. She was attended by TERESA FLEMING BROWN '89. They are now in Evansville, Indiana. Holly graduated from Indiana University with majors in music and biology.

(12/95) ERIC YOUNG is now in law school.

(12/95) CATHERINE BENTLY is now living in Vail, although speaking with her personally is nearly impossible since she's always on the slopes.

(12/95) MARTIN TYSON married in April under the watchful eye of several of our classmates including best man, Dave Ross, and Stewart Holmes and Jon Neville.

(12/95)TREVOR HAZEN married Culver sweetheart Donna Carter. They now reside in Minot, North Dakota where Trevor is coaching hockey in hopes of sending more players to the Culver ice arena.

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