Horse Drawn & Early Motorized Fire Apparatus

Kenneth F. Soderbeck, Proprietor


SHOP FIRE - 2010

Dear Friends,
Agnes and I would like to thank all of you who have helped us since the fire at my shop. All the time, physical work and money that you have donated are appreciated more than you know. I am not sure I would have survived if not for you and your help. I spent 3 months tearing down and cleaning up the shop on South St. The Township allowed me to do it myself so I could salvage everything I could. They understood the history I had in the building. I will never know what I lost. I was able to save a lot of things but it will be months before I have a chance to go through and sort everything. Without the help of so many of you after the fire, I would not have saved as much as I did.

We have completed new work space in the Long Barn at our farm, and I am back up and running.

Again we would like to thank all of you for your help and concern. The weeks after the fire were a blurr to me and I cannot begin to remember everyone who was there and helped. The Fire Departments that responded did a great job but as an old firefighter, I am still fighting that fire in my sleep sometimes.

Ken and Agnes Soderbeck