NES (ACABS 314): 611

Akkadian Documents

Fall 2000

Instructor: N Yoffee

Office hrs: T 2-3, W 11-12, Th 2-3 or by appt (

Frieze Bldg B-188

Class meetings: Wed 2-5 (room B-188)


This term we shall read the "Babylonian epic of creation" (enuma elish). Toward the end of the term, we may read some Old Babylonian legal texts in anticipation of the Winter semester (612) when we'll concentrate on such texts. (Optionally, we can survey Akkadian dialects and scripts).


Grading will be based on in-class recitations and a term paper (5000 words minimum).


ENUMA ELISH. The Babylonian Epic of Creation. The Cuneiform Text. Text established by W.G. Lambert and copied out by Simon B. Parker. Oxford: Clarendon Press (1966 with several reprintings)

Enuma Elish. Booklet of photocopied texts prepared by Aaron Shafer. Jerusalem (undated)

F.N.H. al-Rawi and A.R. George

1990 Tablets from the Sippar Library II: Tablet II of the Babylonian Creation Epic. Iraq 52: 149-157

F.N.H. al-Rawi and J.A. Black

1994 A New Manuscript of enma eliš, Tablet VI. Journal of Cuneiform Studies 46: 131-139


Date of the text

Language of the text

Creation motifs in Mesopotamian literature

En.el. in the aktu festival

Literary/religious precursors of the text

Western motifs in the text

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