Vortex Plastic Dynamics in Twinned Superconductors

We present simulations, without electrodynamical assumptions, of B(x,y,H(t)), M(H(t)), and Jc(H(t)), around twin-boundary (TB) planes in hard superconductors, for a variety of twin-boundary pinning potential parameters, and for a range of values of the density and strength of the pinning sites. These simulations relate macroscopic measurements (e.g, M(H), "flame" shaped Bz(x,y) profiles, and easy-flow along a TB) with the microscopic pinning landscape. We numerically solve the overdamped equations of motion of up to 10^4 flux-gradient-driven vortices which can be temporarily trapped at about 10^6 pinning centers.

Twin Boundary color figure.
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J. Groth, C. Reichhardt, C. J. Olson, S. Field, Franco Nori
Published in Physical Review Letters 77, 3625 (1996).

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