Micrographs of Booming Sand

from Eureka Dunes in California

Electron micrographs (SEM) courtesy of Kurt Buck, Dave Mellinger, Dave Wright, and the "Dune Booming Crew" of MBARI (Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute), who donated their spare time to this effort.

Notice that the smoothness of the booming sand grains appear to be somewhere between the Luddington beach sample (squeaking sand) and the Sand Mountain sample (booming sand) shown in Fig. 2 of the Contemporary Physics article (see Fig. 2 above in this web page).

micrograph 1

micrograph 2

micrograph 3

micrograph 4

micrograph 5

micrograph 6 (bottom left has a 50 micron text-bar. Typical grain size is around 200--300 microns).