Computational Physics Links    January 2001

Emphasis on Statistical Mechanics and Materials Physics

See also the    Statistical Mechanics  course page of  Franco Nori   (Physics Department, University of Michigan).

Interactive programs

Interactive computer experiment of a Molecular Model for an Ideal Gas.  Experiment with it!

2D Gas of hard spheres.   See also more information on this hard-sphere gas.

Interactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Interactive Java Aplets on Random Walks and Fractals in Science.

Great applets on  semiconducting devices

Computational Physics Links

Many  Computational Physics Links

More Computational Physics Links 

Introduction to Computer Simulation Methods in Physics  (Gould and Tobochnick's book)

Computer simulation educational sites an programs.

 Computational Science Education Project

very large library of software  on molecular dynamics,
Monte Carlo, lattice statics and lattice dynamics

Fortran program (from Allen-Tildesley's book) on  Molecular Dynamics

See also Giordano's  book

Granular media  simulations

Tutorial slide presentation of Semiconductor Devices
Just a few physics animations
Heat Lecture demonstrations
Statistics  for Physicists, Monte Carlo methods, Computational Physics
World Lecture Hall

Related  Links
Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics   Many Educational Sites (An excellent collection of links) 

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