Self-Assembly. Monte-Carlo Algorithms.
Entropy. Computational Physics. Data Science.

A graduate student in the Glotzer Lab at the University of Michigan working towards a PhD in Chemical Engineering, my life revolves around determining principles governing next generation reconfigurable materials. I am also pursuing a certificate in Computational Discovery and Engineering, and look forward to contribute toward the growing scene of big data in our world.


My research is aimed at the prediction and design of reconfigurable colloidal materials by means of directional entropic forces. Reconfigurability is at the center of developing next generation materials which can change optical, electronic and other macroscale properties when needed. This fundamental ability to reconfigure will be built from the ability of building blocks to self-assemble into different target structures at different conditions.

Such materials are being built out of recent advances in nanotechnology and show great promise in being applied in different fields.

Modifying Shape of the Building Blocks enables us to tune between different structures. These different structures result in different macroscopic properties.

Targeted Self-Assembly from different shapes is being understood

Below is a video of my advisor, Prof. Sharon Glotzer, giving an overview of our research.

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About Me

After attending school between Saudi Arabia and India, I obtained my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from one of India's top engineering schools, NIT Trichy. My exposure to different cultures was increased through a summer program at the Institute for Computational Physics, University of Stuttgart. My passion to travel the world and see places has brought me to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I got married in August 2013.


In order to get in touch, you can click here to email me. My office is located in G049D, Building 10 at the North Campus Research Complex of the University of Michigan.