Ninfa Saturnino Springer, PhD, RD, FADA
Senior Author & Co-editor

  Robert E. Springer, MFA
  Editor & Web Design

Welcome to VCON, an acronym for Virtual Class on Nutrition! VCON is an interactive, user-friendly, case-based instructional software available on the internet. It is designed to supplement a course or practicum on nutrition. Users learn to interpret case studies and make clinical nutrition decisions. Case-based learning exposes users to real-life complexities promoting application of principles learned in class to problems faced in clinical settings.

Several units (listed below) are available, each consisting of Goals and Objectives, and a Unit Background section emphasizing significant nutrients related to the topic. The case study is presented in two parts. First, is a summary of the case called Case Overview followed by a more detailed section, Case Records. A series of Learning Exercises follows and provides the users opportunities for critical thinking and problem solving.Glossary and Suggested Readings are given to support the learning process. Upon completion of the unit, the user answers a Quiz to assess degree of learning.

Each unit is focused on a single clinical problem for effective learning. However, it should be recognized that, in actuality, most health problems are more complicated and often occur in concert with others. As users gain more clincial expertise they are encouraged to refer to additional units for more complex clinical assignments.

The software allows the use of all internet features such as medical databases,nutrition on-line, e-mail, etc., and the option of discussing issues with faculty or participating with colleagues in electronic communities. It also allows faculty access to users' quiz scores and their feedback to VCON.

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