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Austin Nichols AUSTIN.PHOTO Phone: 202-557-4735

I grew up in DC, and went to GWU (1987-1989), then the University of Chicago (1989-1992).

After college, I worked in DC at Greenpeace (1993-1995).

Then I started a PhD, but only got an MPP at Harvard (1995-1997), and I worked at the NBER while there.
I was in the Economics PhD program at the University of Michigan from 1997 to 2004, where I worked at the OTPR (at the Business School), at the PSC, and the ISR.
I now work at the Urban Institute in Washington, DC.

I am a movie addict, a Scrabble fanatic, and a pool afficionado.

I am also fascinated by literature and some of the visual arts. DRAW.PHOTO

My favorite wines are from Bordeaux. Map of France