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Resources on Evolution and Emotions
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Nesse RM: Evolutionary explanations of emotions. Human Nature, 1: 261-289, 1990.
    This classic article has been widely cited.  Its main contribution is recognition that describing functions for emotions does not offer a full evolutionary explanation because one emotion has many functions and different emotions have many shared functions.  Instead, an evolutionary explanation for an emotion needs to describe the situation that shaped the emotion, the adaptive challenges posed by that situation, how selection shaped systems to detect the presence of that situation and express the emotion in those situations, and how the characteristics of the emotion increase fitness when expressed in those situations.

Nesse RM, Ellsworth PC. Evolution, emotions, and emotional disorders. American Psychologist, 64(2):129-39, 2009.  
This article offers an updated approach to the evolution of emotions, with the emphasis on the importance of appraisal theory, and the sobering conclusion that natural selection is most unlikely to have shaped well-defined emotions or dimensions of the sorts that  researchers have so long searched for.

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A clear simple overview

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My earliest clear statement about the evolutionary origins of mood

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The smoke detector principle, with the math.  Best source for this work.

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