Lectures by Randolph Nesse

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Why Does Depression Exist at all?  
Psychiatry Grand Rounds

The University of Michigan, January 7, 2009

Evolution and Medicine

The unedited full interview with Richard Dawkins from the UK award-winning television series, The Genius of Charles Darwin

The Great Opportunity: New Evolutionary Applications in Medicine
Case Western University Year of Darwin Lecture, 2009

Evolutionary Medicine is Flowering. How can we help it set seed?
May 2007 American Institute for Biological Sciences Annual Meeting
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Evolution and Medicine: How New Applications Advance Research and Practice
Henry Stewart Talks Series      Edited by Randolph M. Nesse
38 audio visual talks by the world's leading experts -- A complete course


Darwinian Medicine: Why has Natural Selection Left Us So Vulnerable to Disease?

Evolution, Health and Disease: Darwinian Approaches to Medicine

20th Annual International Symposium of Hunter College Center for Study of Gene Structure and Function

Co-sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences

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Darwinian Medicine: The Pleasures and Perils of New Questions

Lecture at a Symposium: Darwinian Evolution Across the Disciplines

From a Dartmouth Interdisciplinary Symposium

October 29-30, 1999, Dartmouth College.

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If Natural Selection Is So Great, Why Are Mental Disorders So Prevalent?

A QuickTime movie of a University of Michigan Grand Rounds Lecture from April, 2005

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Evolution: The Missing Basic Science That Brings Psychiatry Coherence and Deeper Empathy

APA Distinguished Psychiatrist Lecture, May 2005

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Why did Natural Selection Leave us so Vulnerable to Disease?
Caroline Warner Gannett Lecture

Rochester Institute of Technology, October 24, 2006