Links to articles on Open Access relevant to plans for Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health

The below links are to articles on open access, most of which were published in the past week.  The Wellcome Trust  is calling for Academic Spring and demanding authors publish in open access journals,       An article about the New England Journal of Medicine reviews the history of medical publishing, its huge profits, and current challenges from those who demand open access.   Each year JSTOR turns away 150 million attempts to read articles by those not affiliated with universities.  And The Economist, that bastion of capitalism, has come out with a call for open access for all findings of publicly funded research. Ars Technica: The economic case for open access in academic publishing.  Harvard Faculty Advisory Council Memorandum on Journal Pricing     Dear Elsevier Employees, With Love, From @FakeElsevier.  Hot Type: An Open Letter to Academic Publishers About Open Access - Technology - The Chronicle of Higher Education