University of Maryland













Ph.D. in Economics, New York University, 2007.
M.A. in Economics, New York University, 2003.
B.S. in Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, Summa Cum Laude, 2001.

Fields of Interest

Experimental Economics, Behavioral Economics, Public Economics, Environmental Economics

Current Positions

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Resource Economics,
University of Maryland, 2016-

Adjunct Faculty Associate, Research Center for Group Dynamics, ISR,
University of Michigan , 2016-2017


"Public Goods Provision and Redistributive Taxation", 2009, Journal of Public Economics

"Charitable Giving under Inequality Aversion," (with P. Derin), 2010, Economics Letters

"Public Goods Provision, Inequality and Taxes," 2011, Experimental Economics

"Behavioral Mechanism Design: Evidence from the Modified First-Price Auctions," (with Y. Masatlioglu and S. Taylor), 2012, Review of Economic Design

"Understanding the Reference Effect," (with Y. Masatlioglu), 2013, Games and Economics Behavior.

"Distinguishing the Role of Authority "In" and Authority "To"," (with D. Silverman and J. Slemrod), 2014, Journal of Public Economics

"Experimental Departures from Self-Interest when Competing Partnerships Share Output," (with J. Cherry and S. Salant), 2015, Experimental Economics

Working Papers

"The Effects of Information and Culture on Giving," (with P. Rey-Biel and R. Sheremata)

"Free Riding and Ethnic Heterogeneity"

"Behavioral Sources of Demand for Carbon Offsets," (with K. Kuhn)

"Demand for Giving to Multiple Charities: Theory and Experiment," (with E. Filiz-Ozbay)

"The Impact of Taxes and Wasteful Government Spending on Charitable Giving," (with R. Sheremeta)

Work in Progress

"Does it Worth to Fundraise Alone?," (with C. Eckel and B. Guney)

"Does Endogenous Group Formation Overcome the Tragedy of the Commons," (with J. Cherry)

"Endogenous versus Exogenous Goals at the Workplace," (with B. Altan and B. Guney)

Referee Service

American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, Games and Economic Behavior, Journal of Public Economics, Experimental Economics, Management Science, The Review of Economics and Statistics, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, International Economic Review, Public Finance Review, Economic Inquiry, Land Economics, Economics Bulletin


MacCracken Fellowship from New York University, 2001-2005
GSAS Travel Grant, for IHS Social Change Workshop in Standford University, 2006
C.V. Starr Travel Grant, for ESA Meeting, 2004; Zeuthen Conference, 2004; 17th International Conference on Game Theory, 2006
Russell Sage Foundation's Small Grant on Behavioral Economics, 2009
The Erb Institute, University of Michigan, 2011
Science of Philanthropy Initiative, 2014-2015