Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

These texts were all generated by chomskybots (named for famed linguist Noam Chomksy)-- programs which take advantage of the heavily syntax-dependent nature of English in order to generate texts which are syntactically meaningful but semantically meaningless. I.E., the texts generated (free-verse poems, Chinese cookie-fortunes, porn-page come-ons) SOUND like they SHOULD make sense, but really do not. Or, better put, all meaning found in these texts are brought to the work by the reader, not provided by any author.

These programs randomly select elements (a word or phrase) from prepared word lists (divided into categories such as noun phrases, verb phrases, adjectives, etc.), modify these elements (creating adverbs, gerunds, third-person singular present tense verbs, etc.), scan and adjust the elements for proper grammatical agreement and string them into a syntactically meaningful arrangement (e.g. Article adjective noun adverb verb noun or This wet teen sensually sips hot chocolate.)

Interface with the Bots some more here.