2005 Thurston and State Team Chess Tournament

(Thurston Newsletter; February, 2005)

We've had lots of chess going on lately, starting with our own tournament on Jan 22, with 43 kids playing. Thanks to all the parents who pitched in, the office staff for collecting signup sheets, as well as chess instructor Ray Garrison and custodian Renae Borowski for braving long drives in heavy snow to help make this event happen.

In February, Thurston had five 4-person teams in State scholastic team competition, with every team earning at least 3 out of a possible 5 points. In the grades K-3 Championship division, the team of Haoyang Tang, Daniel Yuan, Isaac Balinski and Lorna Barron took 2nd place, while the team of Leon Pescador, Naveen Fujii, Rohan Kumar and Oliver Barron took 24th. In the K-5 Championship division, the team of Jonathan Zhou, Lucy Yuan, Ashwin Fujii and Chucky Daniels took 4th place (they were in a 3-way tie for 2nd place), and the team of David Vallem, Deniz Karabakal, Natasha Kumar and Krithika Swaminathan took 11th place. Finally, David, Chucky, Ashwin and Isaac took on Middle and Jr. High students in the K-9 Reserve section. Final standings have not been posted, but they were in a tie with another team that received the last (7th place) trophy.

Congratulations to all for their tremendous effort and great teamwork!