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Transportation from the Airport to Haifa:

-         Shuttle Service run by "Amal Taxi Co." provides transportation from Ben-Gurion Airport to Haifa, to the hotel or the Technion. The cost is 85 Israeli Shekels (about $23). The service is available at all times; taxis are available coming out of gate 02 directly on the right side. (Tel.04- 8662324)

-         Train is also available from the airport to Haifa, the terminal is located on level S of the Landside Building, adjacent to the Greeters' Hall. For details please go to "Schedules and Fares" at . Your departure station is "Ben-Gurion Airport" and your destination station is "Haifa - Hof HaCarmel". Upon arriving in Haifa, you will need to take a taxi from the train station to your hotel; the day fare is about 40 Israeli Shekels. Please be advised that the train does not run from Friday afternoon until approx. 20:30 on Saturday night.

-         Taxi from the Airport to Haifa will cost about $80-100 (the night fare is higher).

Transportation within Haifa:

-         Transportation will be provided to and from these hotels and the Technion each morning and at the end of each day's activities. The shuttle will leave the hotels each morning at 8:45AM. Those arriving by private cars should inform the guards at the gate that they are attending a mathematics conference in Amado Mathematics Building. Please be aware that parking on campus (during class hours) is a serious problem on campus.

-         There are several bus lines to the Technion. In particular, there is an hourly direct bus #31 between the Central Carmel district, where Dan Panorama, Ganei Dan, and Nof hotels are located, and the Technion. A single bus ride costs 6.6NIS. For more information please visit Egged public transportation web site where you can find the appropriate bus line that runs from the station closest to you.

-         A taxi within Haifa will cost approx. 40 NIS. (Tel. 04-8222222/3).