Nick Ellis


Prof. N. C. Ellis
University of Michigan
Rm 3215, East Hall
530 Church Street.
Ann Arbor
MI 48109-1043
phone           734-764-0426


Nick C.  Ellis

Professor of Psychology   

Professor of Linguistics                                             

Research Scientist, English Language Institute   

Associate, Center for the Study of Complex Systems

General Editor, Language Learning


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University of Oxford                        

                1974  B.A.  P.P.P. (Psychology & Physiology) Corpus Christi College

University College of North Wales  

                1978  Ph.D.  Cognitive Psychology

Professional Employment:

1976-1991      Tutor (Part-time), Open University

1978-1990      Lecturer in Psychology, University College of North Wales

1990-1994      Senior Lecturer in Psychology, U.C.N.W.

1992               Visiting Professor, Temple University Japan

1994-1998      University Reader in Psychology, U.C.N.W.

1998-2004      Professor of Psychology, University of Wales Bangor

1998-2002      Editor, Language Learning 

2003               Visiting Professor, Applied Language Studies and Linguistics,  University of Auckland

2004-              Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2004-              Research Scientist English Language Institute, University of Michigan

2004-              Honorary Research Fellow, School of Psychology University of Wales Bangor

2006-              General Editor, Language Learning      

2008-              Associate Faculty, Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan     

2009-              Professor of Linguistics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

2011               Visiting Researcher, ESRC Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Bangor University [Feb-Mar]

2011               External Senior Fellow, FRIAS (Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies) [May-June]

2012               Ian Gordon Fellow, LALS, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand [July]

2013               Faculty, Linguistic Society of America Summer Institute [Jun-Jul]

2014               Distinguished Visiting Lecturer, Temple University Japan [Jun]