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Joan Iverson Nassauer is Professor of Landscape Architecture in the School of Natural Resources and Environment. She has been named a Fellow by the American Society of Landscape Architects (1992), and a Distinguished Practitioner of Landscape Ecology (1998) by the International Association of Landscape Ecology – US. Her work focusing on the relationship between aesthetics and ecology has offered strategies for basing ecological design on strong science and interdisciplinary collaboration, and these strategies have been applied internationally. Her research investigating public acceptance and the cultural sustainability of environmentally beneficial landscape change has received numerous awards, including the First Place award for Environmental Research from the Federal Highway Administration in 2003, and National ASLA Merit Awards for Research.

In projects funded by the National Science Foundation, US-EPA, the USDA Forest Service, the McKnight Foundation, the CS Mott Foundation, and by state and local governments, she has worked with colleagues in ecology, civil engineering, forestry, and hydrology to develop and implement ecosystem management plans for rural landscapes, for urban watersheds, and to retrofit 19th century cities and 20th century suburbs to improve their ecological health – particularly through low impact storm water management and brownfield redevelopment. In the past decade she has done this work by developing normative scenarios and measuring perception of alternative landscape futures in web-based surveys. Current research projects relate to anticipating and monitoring rural landscape change in the US and Europe, ecological alternatives to sprawl, and ecological implications of brownfield design for redevelopment.

Nassauer is the author or co-author of more than 40 referenced publications, more than 20 books and monographs, and numerous other publications. Her book Placing Nature: Culture and Landscape Ecology (1997) from Island Press, defines cultural sustainability for ecological design, and her new book with Mary Santelmann and Don Scavia, From the Cornbelt to the Gulf (2007) from Resources for the Future Press, discusses how alternative agricultural policies could alleviate hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and improve the water quality and biodiversity of agricultural landscapes.


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