Michael Dautermann
to be your

Experienced Contract Macintosh & iPhone Programmer

While I have a resume page for full time work listed, I'm very interested (and available) for doing Macintosh and iPhone Contract Programming. Take advantage of my 18+ years of experience in both large corporations (including stints at Adobe & Apple) and small teams & start-ups to make your next Macintosh application intuitive, popular, and profitable!

Feel free to contact me with your ideas and I'll respond right away. Working with you, I honestly estimate deadlines and attempt to keep schedules and tasks on track (which in turn keeps costs to a minimum). If required, I have a team of programming friends I can bring onboard to get tasks done quickly. I also have experience in writing both technical specifications and easy-to-read user level documentation.

Here is a list of typical frequently asked questions (also known as F.A.Q.'s; click on the triangle to expand):

Q: Show me a list of projects you've worked on.

Q: Why hire any contractor?

Q: Are contractors expensive?

Q: Should I hire a contractor who isn't Michael Dautermann?

Q: What programming language / style is used?

Here is a partial list of projects worked on:

Client and precise product names cheerfully provided upon request.