Offices held and awards:

Phi Beta Kappa, Washington University, St. Louis (1962)

Secretary (1973-1975), Vice-President and Program Chairman (1976), and
President (1977) of the Phycological Society of America

President of the International Phycological Society, 1988-1989

Darbaker Award of the Botanical Society of America for "exceptionally
meritorious" research on the algae, June, 1971 (co-recipient)

G. W. Prescott Award, Phycological Society of America, 1987 (for the best
phycological book or monograph published in the last two years: Bold &
Wynne, "Introduction to the Algae..." 2nd ed., 1985)

"The Award of Excellence" from the Phycological Society of America,
presented at their annual meetings in Juneau, Alaska, 11 July, 2006