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Reduce Using Wood Products

Try to minimize the use of paper products and follow the Grow More Trees motto. If possible stop subscription to newspapers printed on paper, or at least share it with several others (you can get news on TV, radio, web, etc.; or you maybe able to take home the newspaper that your office buys, to read the next day). You can reduce the use of toilet tissue by installing a bidet with vertical spray or any one of the other equivalent products, in your bathroom. Send greetings by e-mail, and stop sending paper greeting cards. Make a concious effort to reduce the use of paper napkins, paper plates, paper bags, etc. When you fly and the airline hostess gives you a paper napkin that you do not need, tell her that you do not want it. Discourage the use of totally unnecessary giftwrap.

Katta G Murty 2001-09-27