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A collection of rounds with printable image files of the music is available.

This site serves a dual purpose: to share fun stuff with others and to spread information that might be of interest to those making use of it. Please do check out the soft sell for classical music listeners.

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1998-99 Cultural Events Calendar for southeastern Michigan

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Several friends have been contributing rounds to the collection. Special thanks go to S.J. Baker, E. Lehman, A. Handelman, and E.S.Girsch for supplying and helping edit the music.
Several large collections of rounds exist. In the 19th-century, Edward F. Rimbault produced a massive collection of The Rounds, Catches and Canons of England. The 377 rounds in it supply most of the rounds sung today. His collection also made use of bowdlerized verses. Several 19th-century societies in the U.S. also produced song books which included many rounds. The Boston Melodien Society's 3 volume collection of tunes has a number of rounds that are not in the Rimbault volume.
Underlying this material are several 17th- and 18th-century collections. The 1609 Pammelia and Deuteromalia collections featured 118 rounds, many of which remain popular. ("Three Blind Mice", e.g., appears in them.) A shorter collection, called Melismata followed in 1611. Still later, the London Catch Club produced several collections of rounds and catches. Right now, frankly, I'm trying to trace the tunes from these back as far as possible. (Many change words and tunes in the process.) Better identifications of the sources will be uploaded soon.
Unless otherwise noted, all the material posted here comes from sources in the public domain. This unfortunately means that 20th-century rounds (such as a nice one by Benjamin Britten) cannot be made available here.
Ah, yes, copyright. In view of the recent changes to the Copyright Act, this rather strange notice must go in. Although all the material comes from public domain sources, fresh compilations can be copyrighted, and publication on the Internet does establish copyright. Here, then, is usage information for the material published (and therefore copyrighted) in the web pages on this site: unless otherwise noted, permission to make use of any of this material for educational, personal, or performance uses is granted. Permission to make use of this material for any commercial activity or for its appearance under another copyright, or to alter the texts for political, commercial, or salacious purposes is denied.
Certain pages and images, as noted on the relevant pages, do not fall under this copyright.
I cannot solicit from this website and don't want remuneration for this music. If some of you do want to offer concrete encouragement for making more of this material available, please contact those working on promoting classical music broadcasting and education in Detroit! (You can tell them where you heard about them....)