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A collection of rounds with printable image files of the music is available.

This site serves a dual purpose: to share fun stuff with others and to spread information that might be of interest to those making use of it. Please do check out the soft sell for classical music listeners.

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My sincere apologies to all who have been rechecking this site. Grave family matters have occupied most of my spare time for over two years now. I've started to correct the links, many of which have been broken for some time, and hope to be able to make a slow progress toward getting more here updated. No new rounds have been uploaded recently (maybe next month....). However, many more classical music midi files are now available. Links to most of these are on the "Mystery Tune" page (see navigation bar at the left).
Highlights include the Overture and Rondeau to Purcell's Abdelazar and the complete Capriol Suite. Also accessible from that page are MP3 files (from public domain sources!) of Prokofiev playing the piano and a mystery pianist playing La Campanella and Feux-Follets.
Sometime soon, I hope to have a index to all the midi files on this site. Still later, I'd also like to get more material about the Capriol Suite (including portions of "Arbeau"'s dance treatise and a brief guide to the dance steps used in it uploaded--but that will take a bit longer!
Other material yet to be uploaded includes many more rounds, material on the fugue and other contrapuntal forms, etc., etc.

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