ELE 2.01


    Drive controls the amount of distortion.  Level controls the output volume.  Tone gives a bassier sound.

    Overdrive is like distortion, but gives a smoother, soft-clipped sound.

    Mode can be either 0 or 1, which indicates a low-pass or a high-pass filter.
    Freq controls the cutoff frequency.
    Resonance controls the amount of resonant feedback.  0 is a clean filter, 999 is a very acid'y bonging.

    Wet and Dry control the levels of echo'd and normal sound.
    Delay controls the time of the echo.
    Regen controls how much of the echo signal is fed back - gives you multiple echos.

    I can't really describe what Chorus or Flange are if you don't already know.  Try them!
    Wet controls the mix between normal and altered sound.  500 is a typical setting, equal amounts of both.
    Speed and Depth control how fast the chorus oscillates and how much it affects the sound.
    Regen controls how much of the chorus'ed sound is fed back.

    Gives a new sound which is one octave lower than the input.  Works best with single notes.  Has trouble with chords and complex waveforms.
    Wet controls the mix between normal and altered sound.  999 is entirely octaved down, 0 is entirely uneffected signal.

    Splits a signal from the one input terminal into two output terminals - so one sound can control two effects.

    Combines two signals into one.
    Volume 1 and Volume 2 control the volumes of the two inputs.

    Combines two signals into one by multiplication, instead of adding as MIX does.
    Bias controls how much of signal 1 comes through when signal 2 is silent.
    Scale controls the output level.