3D Printing. I'm working on a 3d printer called Waynestock, together with Tyler Worman. We've been at it for over a year now -- neither of us has a mechanical engineering background, so it's been a major learning experience, and hardware debugging is a whole different beast from software. It's a delta-robot design, one of the largest out there (over 3 cubic feet in build volume), inspired by the original Rostock. We're particularly proud of our heated build platform design, a huge two-zone heater with hand-laid resistance wire. Documentation forthcoming, but we just want to finish the thing first. I also occasionally help maintain and upgrade the 3D printers at the All Hands Active makerspace.

Electronics. I like building electronics, both from kits and my own designs. My latest build is the Madbean Nautilus, an envelope filter pedal for my brother, the bassist for Go Man Go out in New York. Before that I built the O2 Headphone amp for myself, intended to drive DIY planar magnetic headphones. Before that, I was tinkering with temperature control projects for my espresso machine and sous-vide cooking.

Dancing. I used to dance a lot, in particular vintage swing dances (lindy hop, balboa). I've taught, DJ'd and organized the New Haven and Ann Arbor scenes, though I haven't been involved in that for a few years. I've also dabbled in tango, salsa, and west coast swing.

Music. I have an early 1900s E. A. Couturier long cornet and a late 1940s Olds trombone, and am casually on the market for a vintage euphonium or CC tuba as well. I used to lead a jazz combo on piano, doing cocktail hours and the like, and a brass quintet on tuba just for fun. Now I just come out for the occasional jam.